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YTSA PRESENTS: 星光大道 Singing Competition

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:11 pm by Jnodole


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(已結束)2nd Annual International Students Gala‏

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:10 pm by Jnodole

YTSA, YUCCSA, Chinese Culture Club, UTSA New College, York International are proud to present to everyone the 2nd Annual International Students Gala. This is an open event to everyone who is either …

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(已結束) Voice of YTSA November Bento

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(已結束) Voice of YTSA November Bento

Post by howard3108 on Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:46 am

Voice of YTSA November Bento

喜歡唱歌? 自認為不管對流行樂曲或經典歌曲都瞭若指掌通通難不倒你? 電視上的百萬大歌星以及中國好聲音通通搬到YTSA來啦~~ 沒錯!!你是不是很早就想玩接歌詞,猜歌名等等的遊戲? 或是你恨不得讓大家知道你有多會唱歌? 那我會說11月20絕對會是一個讓你大顯身手的好機會 Very Happy 不管你是想來玩遊戲還是暫時解解想唱k的癮, 下星期一歡迎來找我們PK!! YTSA歌王歌后等你來踢館~ 我們不見不散~!

日期: 11月26日(Monday)
時間:中午12點- 下午4點
地點: Student Centre- Room 313

以下餐點為 <<Hi Tea>> 熱情贊助

1) 台式醬油烤雞腿飯Hungry Man’s Chicken Leg with rice
2) 台式雞翅飯Chicken wings with rice
3) 傳統密汁叉燒飯BBQ pork with rice
4) 蔬菜素食飯Vegetarian

*除此之外, 以上餐點均附水/可樂/雪碧*

會員價: $7
非會員價: $9

(如須珍珠奶茶, 加購只須 $2喔~)

訂便當截止日: 11/22(四)

Nov. 12 (Mon) - Upper Bear Pit
Nov. 13(Tue) - Office
Nov. 14(Wed) - Central Square
Nov. 15(Thur) - Office
Nov. 19, 20, 22 - Central Square
Nov. 21(Wed) - Vari Link

每周一到四(10am-4pm)都可以在這些地方找到我們喔~~ 等你喔Very Happy

Dear YTSA members,
I hope everyone had a blast at the October Halloween bento event. Each month, we come up with a brand new theme for our event and this month’s event is totally worth the anticipation.
Would you like to show your talent in singing? Or would you like to show your support and cheer for the singers? Either way, our November “Voice of YTSA” is THE event that you don’t want to miss!
Below is all the info for our exciting “Voice of YTSA” bento event:

Date: Monday, Nov. 26th 12pm -4pm
Location: Student Centre- Room 313

Menu for the bento (Proudly sponsored by Hi TEA):

1) Hungry Man’s Chicken Leg With Rice
2) Chicken Wings With Rice
3) BBQ Pork With Rice
4) Vegetarian
*Includes water/coke/sprite*

*First 20 orders comes with free bubble tea for MEMBERS ONLY

Price for members: $7
Price for non-members: $9

(Additional charge of $2 if comes with bubble tea~)

**You can still sign up as a member before ordering the bento to enjoy the membership pricing and also to receive discounts on all future events of the year.
For more information regarding membership benefits, please come by our booth and one of our staffs will be more than happy to assist you!

---Do not miss out---
Last day to order: November 22, 2012

---How to order your Bento---
Nov. 12 (Mon) - Upper Bear Pit
Nov. 13(Tue) - Office
Nov. 14(Wed) - Central Square
Nov. 15(Thur) - Office
Nov. 19, 20, 22 - Central Square
Nov. 21(Wed) - Vari Link

Booth hours: Monday to Thursdays 10-4pm.

11.5 TYP
11.5 TYP

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