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YTSA PRESENTS: 星光大道 Singing Competition

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:11 pm by Jnodole


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(已結束)2nd Annual International Students Gala‏

Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:10 pm by Jnodole

YTSA, YUCCSA, Chinese Culture Club, UTSA New College, York International are proud to present to everyone the 2nd Annual International Students Gala. This is an open event to everyone who is either …

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YTSA 2010 Assistant App. (intro+department categories) Empty


YTSA 2010 Assistant App. (intro+department categories)

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YTSA 2010 Assistant App. (intro+department categories) Empty YTSA 2010 Assistant App. (intro+department categories)

Post by Wendie on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:36 pm

謝謝所有有興趣申請YTSA 2010 Assistants的型男美女們^^

1) 所有assistants都要是今年YTSA的會員

2) 身為assistants須知
a) 請每個assistant跟所屬的directors保持「親密」的聯絡=P。

YTSA每個月的general meeting也建議assistants參加。如果有交通上的困難請不要害羞跟我商量!希望每一次的會議都可以看到大家,讓彼此有更深一層的認識 Surprised

b) assistants的未來

c) 有心事?
如果遇到任何困難(例如:不知道YTSA在做什麼?溝通困難?感覺沒有融入?)都請每個assistant不要害羞~主動跟你的directors,kevin,wayne, 或是我商量喔!

3) 申請方法
申請表填寫完請staff交予我(VP internal)謝謝!


Thank you all for interested in applying for YTSA 2010 assistants!!
Here are the infomation regarding assistant application questions=D

1) Who can apply for assistant?
All assistants have to be current YTSA members.

Please fill out an application form in person with a staff.(This allows us to inform you each department's current status when you sign up)

2) After becoming an assistant?
a) Expectations
Please keep in close touch with your director.

You are encouraged to attend YTSA's monthly general meetings, so as to update what we are doing as a whole and know each other more! cheers

b) I did all this and that, then?
Assistants are potential staff.
You are eligible to become a staff after contributing your effort and have the willingness to support YTSA for the rest of the year!

c) Feel any difficulties?
Shoud you have any questions (i.e. feel strange or not involved), please don't feel shy to discuss with your director, Kevin, Wayne or ME~!

3) How to Apply?
Please come to our booth/office during operating hours and fill out a form, stating your interested departments and a recognition that you do wish to offer your effort to YTSA Very Happy

General meetings infomation will be posted on the forum. Every staff/assistant is responsible to check the updated meeting schedules on you own and attend them on time.

YTSA Current Departments and directors:
Event 活動策劃組(Event Planning) ---- Brian, Emma
Public Relations 公關部 (Promoting Events) ---- Jack
Marketing 贊助商部 (Sponsorship) ---- Allen
Communication & Web 資訊管理組 ---- Fiona
Arts (Design) 設計組 ---- Monica

Please DO NOT apply for assistants under this post or online.
填寫申請表時請工整地寫下你的資料,print your info nicely when signing up, thank you=D
Wendie M
VP internal
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49 TYP

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